Denise Riemenschneider running for Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees Place 2

Denise Riemenschneider is a Flower Mound resident running for Place 2 of Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees.

Whatever it is, make it short, sweet, to the point and make sure it helps the children. That is a concept Denise Riemenschneider is aiming to accomplish in her run for Place 2 on the Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees.

“I tell people all the time I’m not political,” Riemenschneider said. “I think the only thing that is going to allow me to do this job successfully is caring about the children.”

Having no prior experience in the realm of school board or campaigning, Riemenschneider said her purpose for running is to have more of a say in her children’s education.

“I just want to be more involved,” she said. “More involved in the decisions that affect their education.”

Having the drive to be involved in her children’s education stems from her self-described family values. Riemenschneider said she wants to have representation for her views and thinks they would be valuable to the board.

“That’s not to say [my views] are not [represented] currently,” she said. “We have a really good conservative board of trustees right now. But I just think I would be an asset.”

Riemenschneider has been a stay-at-home mom for the last 10 years. Before that, she was an accountant. She attended Ball State University in Indiana from 1991 to 1996, where she said she finished a few credits shy of a degree.

“I don’t really know if my background gives me credibility,” Riemenschneider said. “I just want what’s best for the kids.”

Riemenschneider didn’t specify what issues she felt were most important. She called curriculum and standardized testing important though and has noticed it comes up during meetings frequently.

“I believe everything is important.” Riemenschneider said. “But I’m not running on a platform and I’m not running because I think something is wrong.”

Riemenschneider said she is a conservative and believes in school choice and thinks parents should maintain the right to send their children where they want, though she does not like that charter schools take money from the school district. She added it may mean something is broken in our education system, but maintained she cannot do anything about it other than have an opinion on it.

School safety was another area Riemenschneider hit on. She said she thinks the security team for LISD is the best equipped to handle an emergency where children are in danger.

“I don’t think we should arm our teachers,” she said. “And it’s a big deal because Argyle does it.”

Having a background in accounting, Riemenschneider said she believed the district is run well in terms of budget.

“I think we have board members right now that are gifted in finance,” she said. “And they are currently just doing a phenomenal job of keeping our CFO [Mike Ball] on his toes.”

Riemenschneider is running against David Hernandez and Allison Lassahn. She said she has met both her opponents and spoke highly of both, commending Hernandez on his accomplishments as a candidate and saying Lassahn has a wealth of knowledge and know-how regarding the district.

“I want to see this as, I am running for a place on a board,” she said. “I’m not running against anybody.”

As far as the state of the board, Riemenschneider said there doesn’t appear to be a lot where the board can improve and feels the district does a good job of preparing their students. She said one area she would try is to have additional training for teachers, specifically to help spot potential problems students are having, specifically related to violence and junior high and high school students, so it can be addressed early on. She also said if elected, she would like to help the district accomplish better communication between administrators, faculty and parents.

“I think LISD is just a phenomenal district,” she said. “I grew up in public school and I feel very strong about our school district.”

Riemenschneider has been a resident of Flower Mound for eight years and has lived in Texas for about 20. To learn more about her campaign, visit her Facebook page.