City Council Candidate Questionnaire: Penny Mallet

Penny Mallet (Photo by Christina Ulsh)

The Lewisville Texan Journal sent a list of questions to Lewisville City Council candidates to familiarize voters with each potential member. Each candidate had almost two weeks to return their answers. Answers from candidates who participated are published as received, unedited.

Early voting for the May election begins April 24 and continues until May 2. Election day is May 6. In addition to the city council, voters will decide on a Lewisville ISD bond proposition and the LISD Board of Trustees

Here are the responses sent to us from Penny Mallet, who is running for Place 1.

Have you ever run for or served in an elected office before? If so, please list campaigns and offices held.
I ran in a local election for President for of IIBA International Institute of Business Analysis Dallas and became President of IIBA-Dallas. Now I am asking the residents of Lewisville to “VOTE MALLET ON THE BALLOT”

Have you been convicted of any crimes other than traffic tickets, lost any civil lawsuits or declared bankruptcy in the past 10 years?

How much of your time on average per week are you committed to giving voters for this position?
I can give as much time as needed to support my role as City Council place 1, therefore I wanted to wait until I am no longer working full-time in Corporate. I now operate a local business in Lewisville.

In the past year, how many public meetings or workshops for the City of Lewisville have you attended?
I have just started attending local Lewisville community events like the Chamber of Commerce – 2017 Denton County Legislative Days and the 2017 Keep Lewisville Beautiful Trash pickup. I just left corporate America this past August.

What Lewisville organizations, boards, committees or other volunteer positions have you served and which are you currently serving?
I support keep Lewisville Beautiful since 2013 and I am a Chamber of Commerce Business member but First of all, I support my communities with a Foundation since 2013 called CKM Foundation LLC where I reside as President and Founder.

What do you want to do as a council member that you could not do as a resident?
Become a part of my community as their city servant, give the resident back their voice – this is for our community not to self and to line one’s pockets.

What one thing would you tell voters sets you most clearly apart from your opponents?
I have blonde hair! We are all new to the role of Lewisville City Council place one – this entry level position but I want the residents to understand that this is where are all starts, with our local elections. It is important that our City Council seats represent the community it serves. I want to be the Councilwoman that you get to know see around town and speak to in the local businesses. It will be my duty to make sure the residents have a voice in each and everything we do and I want to be that VOICE! “VOTE MALLET ON THE BALLOT”

What is the most pressing issue facing Lewisville, and what do you think the city council should do about it?
Local Tourism Dollars – coming into our community from the surrounding communities. We have a vast wealth of missing opportunity that I think we can be part of – all about showing off our Lewisville a place to visit, shop and eat!

Are there any issues that you feel are important, but that the city council is not addressing?
We must find a way to bring in small business owners to fill some of the empty building that once was growing small businesses. Let’s start with Old Town and have tons of small businesses Pop-Up Shops, Food Trucks making it the place to be on the weekend in the DFW Metroplex. This will be an easy win – win for the city and citizens of Lewisville.

Large Food Chains for Grocery needs – HEB in North Texas in Lewisville. It’s a State food chain from San Antonio Texas that Lewisville residents would love.

How do you plan to interface with the public and receive input if you are elected?
Public Branding!! I think that the residents should have access to their city leaders – MARTY – spending time out in the community with our new mobile unit talking with the residents and learning their needs. Social Media and just good old fashion availability to the residents.

Do you think the city is doing enough to be transparent and accountable to the public? What would you change, if anything?
I think the current city leaders are doing a wonderful job accountable to the community but sometimes we just need new directions. Just seeing things, the same way and not thinking different, because it is the way we always do it, could change. I would like to see a little more OUT of the BOX thinking.

What do you think of current residential and commercial zoning and land development policies? Are there any policies you would change? If so, why?
There is one think that I would change …
– that you must be part of someone’s team to be part of the zoning and development board
– that takes an act of congress to be part of this group
– that it is all about who you know to be in the loop
– it takes years to get to be part of the group

Do you support term limits for city council? If so, would you pledge to voluntarily abide by whatever you are proposing?
Yes, Yes, no more than two terms and yes, I would because in your first term you are just learning and in your second term you should be ready to pass it forward so that we always have new growth.

Should the city be involved in encouraging desirable businesses and employers to locate here to increase our tax base? If so, do you think the city is doing it right? What would you change or emphasize?

Yes, add small businesses

Do you think the city is doing a good job with regards to its budget and taxation? What if anything would you change about the process, tax rates, or allocation of money to different departments and functions?
Yes, I think the city leaders are working with the budget and taxation as the reports speak for them self. There are slight changes that I can see that I would like to suggest but you never know the impact until you can analyst and become part of the research and processes.

What is your position on regulation of plastic bag use within the city?
I am a green supporter – anything that can make the world a better place to live I’m all in but we must make sure the solutions are workable for all residents and not just a few.

What is your position on banning vaping and smoking in public areas, such as parks and trails?
I think that vaping and smoking laws should coincident – be treated equal – if there is no smoking it should be no smoking period.


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