City Council Candidate Questionnaire: Bob Troyer

Bob Troyer (Photo by Steve Southwell)

The Lewisville Texan Journal sent a list of questions to Lewisville City Council candidates to familiarize voters with each potential member. Each candidate had almost two weeks to return their answers. Answers from candidates who participated are published as received, unedited.

Early voting for the May election begins April 24 and continues until May 2. Election day is May 6. In addition to the city council, voters will decide on a Lewisville ISD bond proposition and the LISD Board of Trustees

Here are the responses sent to us from Bob Troyer, who is running for Place 1.

Have you ever run for or served in an elected office before? If so, please list campaigns and offices held.
No. None.

Have you been convicted of any crimes other than traffic tickets, lost any civil lawsuits or declared bankruptcy in the past 10 years?

How much of your time on average per week are you committed to giving voters for this position?
I plan to devote as much time as is necessary to do the job. I am fortunate to have an employer who appreciates the value of community service and to have a position that allows me to be flexible.

In the past year, how many public meetings or workshops for the City of Lewisville have you attended?
I have attended almost every City Council meeting as well as the pre-meeting workshops. I have also attended all but one called meeting of the 2025 Advisory Board and the Park Board. I have also attended several public meetings at which the residents were given information and asked for guidance on the future of the Multigenerational Center.

What Lewisville organizations, boards, committees or other volunteer positions have you served and which are you currently serving?
Chaired the Resource Management 2025 Vision Committee.
Co-chaired the Lewisville 2025 Blue Ribbon Capital Planning Committee that prepared a
prioritized list of projects for City Council to implement the Vision 2025 Plan.
Co-Chair the Lewisville 2025 Advisory Committee tasked with monitoring the city’s
implementation of the Vision 2025 Plan.
Member of the Park Board currently in the first year of my second two-year term.

What do you want to do as a council member that you could not do as a resident?
I want to be in a position to act on issues instead of simply advising.

What one thing would you tell voters sets you most clearly apart from your opponents?
My experience serving on city boards and committees is the one thing that really sets me apart.

What is the most pressing issue facing Lewisville, and what do you think the city council should do about it?
I don’t believe there are any really pressing issues facing our city right now, but we can always do a better job of informing the citizens of the things going on within the city. My campaign slogan, “Moving the Vision Forward”, refers to my desire to ensure the city continues to implement the Big Moves of the Vision 2025 Plan but also to make sure the residents of the city are aware of those Moves.

Are there any issues that you feel are important, but that the city council is not addressing?
Our city council consistently addresses issues of importance to the city and solicits citizen input in that decision making process.

How do you plan to interface with the public and receive input if you are elected?
I will continue to meet with citizen groups and hold periodic Meet and Greets at different venues around the city.

Do you think the city is doing enough to be transparent and accountable to the public? What would you change, if anything?
My experience has been, both as a member of the committees I have been involved with and as a citizen, that the city is prompt and open to providing information I have needed. The Dallas Morning News conducted an extensive survey just over two years ago, testing 113 different DFW area governmental agencies including cities, counties, and school boards, to see how quickly, completely, easily and inexpensively information requests were answered. Lewisville made DMN’s TOP 10 Best list, tied at #5 with Addison, and beat out 107 others for this enviable recognition. In their comments, DMN noted one area for possible improvement, and that was the city website’s information request portal. Since then, that portal has been completely redesigned to address those concerns, and the feedback has been very positive.

What do you think of current residential and commercial zoning and land development policies? Are there any policies you would change? If so, why?
Since Lewisville is nearly built out there is not much that can be done other than work on
redevelopment. As that redevelopment happens, we can ensure that developers follow current policies. A prime example of this planning is the concept presented to council during a recent workshop for the redevelopment of Old Town east from Mill Street to the DCTA station.

Do you support term limits for city council? If so, would you pledge to voluntarily abide by whatever you are proposing?
Terms limits are enforced by recurring elections.

Should the city be involved in encouraging desirable businesses and employers to locate here to increase our tax base? If so, do you think the city is doing it right? What would you change or emphasize?
The city is doing a very good job of attracting new businesses to the city and keeping existing businesses. The Economic Development Department is continually working effectively on these issues. The three new restaurants in Old Town are examples of this as our the recent additions of Mary Kay and Bed, Bath, and Beyond to our commercial mix.

Do you think the city is doing a good job with regards to its budget and taxation? What if anything would you change about the process, tax rates, or allocation of money to different departments and functions?
The city’s AAA bond rating is an indication of the good job the city has historically done
regarding budgets and taxation. Lewisville has the second lowest tax rate in cities of comparable size and demographics in north Texas. I will use my position on Council to ensure those good practices continue.

What is your position on regulation of plastic bag use within the city?
I know there are pros and cons on both sides of the issue. I have not done sufficient research to form a firm position on the issue. Also, the current state legislative session may make local options a moot point.

What is your position on banning vaping and smoking in public areas, such as parks and trails?
I would have to look into both of these in more depth before giving an opinion.


  1. Bob,

    You have stated above that you want to gain control, So with control comes responsibility to the people. with that in mind….

    Couple questions:

    1. Do you believe your actions past present and future demonstrate who you are as a person?

    2. Why do you not state your true opinion on the questions above? Instead you provide the typical political canned responses.

    3. Where do you stand on protecting the rights of citizens of the United States?

    4. Where do you stand on those illegally in United States/Lewisville?

    5. What are your views on the sanctity of marriage?


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