Trustees make videos for public school appreciation


Local school board members are egging on their colleagues and friends to take an online video idea viral in support of public schools.

The 85th Texas Legislature convenes in January, and as always, public education policy and funding will be among the chief topics that state lawmakers will have to address.

Lewisville ISD Trustees Angie Cox and Kristi Hassett want Texas legislators to be reminded of what public education means to their constituents.

The two hatched a plan.

To show how “eggcellent” public education is, they have posted videos of themselves on Facebook telling about a teacher that made a difference to them, and then juggling– or attempting to juggle eggs.

Cox said she was looking for something viral, like the famed ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that was popular in 2014. “I called Kristi [Hassett], and she helped come up with the egg idea.”

“The whole idea around it was the next legislative session’s gonna be a really tough one for us,” said Cox. “We’ve got a lot of people combating this and that, and we’re just trying to send a positive message to the legislators about how good the public education system is.”

“A great teacher has influenced somebody, and so I was hoping that so many people would say something that they would be like ‘ok, we value public education,’ and I know they do but they’re not putting it on the forefront.”

Cox said she challenged Lewisville Mayor Pro Tem TJ Gilmore, and that Hassett had asked Miss Texas to do a video. Cox said she had several people say they would do the video.

“It’s got to be something fun that kids will want to do, and that’s easy because you’ve got it at home. They don’t have to donate money – it’s just your time and a story.”

“So far, everybody has liked the idea,” said Cox.

Here’s LTJ Publisher Steve Southwell’s video: