Lewisville High School principal outlines security measures in email


Lewisville High School Principal Jeffrey Kajs sent an email to parents of LHS students Tuesday regarding school safety at the campus.

The letter comes after last Wednesday’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead and touched off a renewed national conversation about gun violence and school security.

Here is Kajs’ letter:

Farmer Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for allowing me and our faculty to be a part of your student’s life each day. We value each and every one of our students. In the wake of the past week’s events both in Florida and closer to home, I wanted to let you know that your child’s safety is my first priority. We have a complete school safety plan in place that is reviewed and adjusted to make sure all students and faculty remain safe while they are at Lewisville High School.

Below are the ways we protect our students and faculty/staff:

  • All faculty and students practice safety drills often and in a serious fashion. If an emergency arises, our staff is thoroughly trained to respond in a timely and accurate manner. During these drills our faculty/staff check their roll to make sure all students in their class are with them and secure.
  • Students are required to wear IDs on a lanyard around their neck so that we can easily identify when someone doesn’t “belong” in our school.
    All faculty have their LISD Employee Badge displayed and other adults are required to wear name badges while at LHS.
  • All exterior doors are kept locked. Only main entrances are open and monitored.
  • All visitors are required to check in at the front office. No one is allowed to enter without being escorted if they aren’t a student or LHS/LISD Employee.
  • Students may only enter in the front doors or the cafeteria doors if they are bus riders, and both entrances are strictly monitored. We have doors that are locked and secured from the front office check in booth into the school. You cannot enter the hallway door unless the office workers buzz you in.
  • We have security cameras covering all the entrances and exits as well as the parking lots and all major student areas.
  • We have two safety officers that safeguard the back door, front door and also rotate through the parking lot.
  • The security officers do exterior door checks to guarantee that the only entrance into the building can only happen through the front door or back door.
  • We have an armed Lewisville Police Officer (School Resource Officer) on campus with direct access to the police department.
  • We have random K-9 searches in the building and parking lot areas. These dogs are trained to detect drugs, alcohol and gun powder.
  • Administrators are on duty before school, during lunches, and after school.
  • Administrators and Faculty are present in the hallways during all passing periods.
  • We have administrators on duty for all shuttle bus arrivals and departures as well as after school bus loading.
  • Administrators, Faculty, and Staff are present during Block Lunch in their assigned areas.

In addition to the procedures above, we are meeting with local law enforcement and district officials to ensure we are doing all that we can to provide the safest environment possible. We encourage students to report situations that might place our LHS Family or others in harm so that we can quickly investigate and take control of the problem. The administration takes all threats seriously no matter if they are big or small, verbal or physical, or on social media. We owe this to you as parents and to the more than 4000 students that call LHS home.

My heart hurts for the families that are victims of school violence. No student, teacher or parent should ever have to witness or suffer through this type of tragedy. As I watch the students at LHS, my passion for this school grows every day and I have dedicated my life to ensure that we provide opportunities for all students in a safe and secure environment.

Please let me know if you ever have any concerns that I can address or any issues that I need to be aware of so that LHS continues to be a place your child is able to learn without worrying about their safety.

I can be reached via email kajsj@lisd.net or by phone 469-948-3103. Thank you for your continued support of Lewisville High School.

Jeffrey Kajs
Lewisville High School



  1. An exemplary response by a quality administrator. LISD is blessed to have Mr. Kajs and this proud Fighting Farmer Alum salutes you!

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