By Philip Moulard

Street Taco (1191 Valley Ridge Blvd.) is a locally owned and operated taqueria that takes pride in its authentic approach to the affordable Mexican dish from where it takes its name.

This restaurant offers tacos made from marinated meats with staple accoutrements of onions, cilantro, and lime. The food is cooked fresh and sold at an extremely affordable price.

Located in an attached building to the Shell gas station on the corner of Old Orchard Lane/McGee Lane and Valley Parkway, Street Taco takes the humble spot and makes the best of it. Beautiful murals and decorative sombreros adorn the walls. A collection of cafe-style tables and chairs make excellent use of the natural lighting from the large windows for the dine-in patrons.

Like most taquerias, Street Taco utilizes a cafe-inspired counter service approach to sales. Customers place orders at the register and wait for their food at the counter. Drink options are limited, however. Three fruit drink machines and a large cooler housing glass bottles of Jarritos and Coca Cola are the options for beverages, as there is no soda machine present.

What they may lack in innovation they more than make up for in excellent customer service.

The young girl who took my order was very friendly and was very informative about the menu. After making my order of two pork tacos on corn tortillas and two barbacoa tacos on flour tortillas, I waited only a very short amount of time before being handed my order: four beautifully plated and delicious looking tacos with generous amounts of meat on each.

Without hesitation, I took a bite of a pork taco. The flavor of a simple but wonderfully marinated pork danced across my tongue. The meat was perfectly cooked. The texture of the meat was pleasantly accentuated by the crunch from the fresh onion and tomato.

Unfortunately, the overly watered-down hot sauce that was included added very little to the dish. While I did enjoy the barbacoa tacos, they were lacking in flavor, compared to the pork.

While not completely living up to the local hype, Street Taco provides an excellent taco that is hard to beat at its $1.25 per taco price. Though not THE best taco I have eaten in Lewisville, I was very satisfied. With excellent service, great prices, and a very enjoyable dine-in atmosphere, Street Taco is a good new option for the Lewisville diner.

Rating: 7.7/10


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