Waste Management, which owns the trash collection service contracts in Lewisville and several surrounding cities, has announced its intention to sell those contracts to competitor Republic Services. Waste Management spokesperson Greta Calvery says residents’ services should not be affected.

Lewisville is host to three major landfills, including the Waste Management-owned DFW Landfill, and Republic Services’ Camelot Landfill, which is technically owned by the city of Farmers Branch. After a long legal battle, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality approved a 152 foot vertical expansion to Camelot Landfill last year. That expansion extends the landfill’s lifespan by as long as 40 years. Meanwhile, DFW Landfill has been nearing its terminal capacity. With the landfills’ lifespans passing each other in this way, selling area trash disposal contracts to Republic Services made sense, Calvery said.

Waste Management had been pushing to increase the height of DFW Landfill as recently as last year, but assistant city manager of public services Eric Ferris said that push appears to have stopped.

Calvery said Republic Services intends to purchase several Waste Management assets in the area, including the residential, commercial and industrial trash hauling routes, company equipment and vehicles used in those routes and the customer agreement.

She said the landfill is not involved in the potential purchase at all.

Calvery said similar deals apply for all area cities that Waste Management services, including Carrollton, Hickory Creek and Lake Dallas, but the transfer process is complicated.

“There’s a lot of things that have to happen,” Calvery said. “The deal will close once certain conditions are met. The biggest thing is that all the cities agree to those contracts to be assigned.”

Calvery said the majority of the contracts Waste Management has with area cities cannot be sold without the cities’ consent, meaning that most of the transferring contracts will be put before city governments for approval. She said Waste Management would see any and all service contracts that don’t have their transfer approved through to the end, but that Republic Services might not purchase the contracts if enough cities don’t approve the transfer to make the purchases efficient.

“If there is a city, such as Lewisville, that says, ‘No, I don’t want my contract to be assigned,’ then we would still service that contract to the end,” Calvery said. “If there were enough of those cities, then it wouldn’t make sense for Republic to buy those assets.”

Calvery said despite the number of legislative processes that need to take place, she expects the contracts to be transferred by the end of the year. She said that current Waste Management employees who service the area will be shuffled over to Republic Services and that Lewisville will not see any changes to its service. Since Republic is purchasing an existing contract with the city, any change to that contract would be subject to city approval.

“The only thing that will change is the color of the trucks,” she said.

In an emailed statement, Republic Services echoed the sentiment that service would not change.

“We’re excited to expand our footprint in the Lewisville area, as we continue to deliver on our growth through differentiation strategy. New customers can expect a seamless transition, exceptional waste and recycling services and an effortless experience,” the company said.

(Photo by Adonis Carcamo)