Lewisville High School, both main and Harmon campuses, were put on lockdown this morning when police received a phone call claiming someone had brought a gun to the school. Police quickly determined the threat was a hoax and are investigating the source of the call.

LPD Capt. Jesse Hunter said the call came from a dead phone, and that tracing it will be difficult, requiring a series of subpoenas and warrants. The incident remains under investigation.

Hunter’s report has not been completed, but there are several laws the unknown caller could be running up against, including laws against making a false police report, a class B misdemeanor, and making terroristic threats, which is a third degree felony. Hunter noted that in Texas, even exhibiting or threatening to exhibit a firearm on school grounds constitutes a third degree felony, though police have decided they will not invoke that law in this case.

This is at least the third time this year that fears have been stoked about a shooting at an LISD school. Attendance at Marcus High School was at less than 60 percent Feb. 15 and 16 when threats of a shooter circulated on social media, and a Lewisville High School student was said to have threatened to shoot classmate in March. Anxiety about school shootings has been acute after the Feb. 14 shooting in Parkland County, Florida and the April shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.

Lewisville ISD has taken specific steps to address school safety, even assembling a school safety task force which met over the past two months. Policy decisions affected by that task force may be coming soon.

Update 10/20/2018:

Police arrest man who made false 911 calls, high school threat