Police still searching for suspect in 20 mile high speed chase

Police found heroin and paraphernalia in the car.


In a rare sight, a suspect got away in a high speed chase with police early in the morning Monday, March 19. Lewisville Police Captain Mike Lane said the department is currently assigning detectives to follow up on the chase.

Around 1:08 a.m. Monday morning, an officer sat on the intersection of East Vista Ridge Mall Drive and the I-35E frontage road in front of the stop sign. The officer saw a black Nissan Sentra going well faster than the 50 mph speed limit, and followed.

The Sentra pulled onto Highway 121 heading southwest toward Grapevine. The driver was weaving and misusing its turn signals — either not using them at all or using the wrong one. Assuming the driver was intoxicated, the officer tried to pull the Sentra over, at which point the Sentra pulled away.

The driver would lead police through Grapevine, past the airport and all the way into Trophy Club, a distance of almost 20 miles, then turned around and led them back to Southlake doing 100 mph or faster the majority of the time. At one point, the driver turned the Sentra’s lights off to make pursuit more difficult.

Police, now with multiple departments involved in the chase, set up road spikes on Carroll Avenue in Southlake, but the driver turned off before hitting them.

In Southlake, the suspect finally evaded police by turning under the highway and going the wrong way on the frontage road, continuing to go southbound in the northbound lanes. Police did not pursue directly, and eventually lost visual.  

Police found the vehicle less than a minute later abandoned near Gateway Church. Police began searching the treeline across the street from the church. Grapevine PD brought in K-9 units to help with the search and they even called a helicopter in from the Department of Public Safety, though it took minutes to get there — Lane said the helicopter was searching for a missing child in Arlington, and had to stop for fuel on the way.

Around 3:30 a.m., two hours after the Sentra was found, police called in a tow truck and stopped searching for the suspect, according to radio traffic.

The Sentra provided a smorgasbord of evidence, but it pointed in different directions. The Sentra itself is registered to a Duncanville woman, but the license plates are registered to a Dallas man who said they were stolen two days ago. In the car, police found a phone belonging to someone else entirely.

Police also found a purse with 0.32 grams of heroin, and syringes of the same style both in the purse and in the car. Lane said detectives are currently being assigned to follow up on leads related to the car.


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