Pizza Inn returning to Lewisville in August

A new Pizza Inn is coming soon to the strip mall complex on the corner of Main and Valley Parkway. (Photo by Leopold Knopp)

Lewisville Texans looking for a familiar pie will be in luck later this summer when Pizza Inn returns to Lewisville.

Local businessman Robert Wrestler, nostalgic for the restaurant, is currently setting up a new Lewisville franchise.

“We were waiting for someone to bring it back, and my wife’s like, ‘Why don’t we bring Pizza Inn back to Lewisville?’” he said.

Wrestler said he was waiting until his children were old enough that he could devote the time necessary to opening and running a restaurant, and that the timing also lines up with Pizza Inn’s 60th anniversary and “Take Back Texas” initiative.

Though the chain is headquartered in The Colony after opening its first location across from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, the nearest Pizza Inn to Lewisville that’s still open is in Central Dallas. Google Maps shows almost twice as many closed locations as open ones in the Metroplex.

Wrestler said Pizza Inn restaurants were integral to the community, and he wants his new one to fill the same role. He envisions the restaurant as the ideal place for a sports party, and also wants to re-establish the “doughraiser” fundraiser nights.

“It’s an event. Pizza Inn is part of the community,” he said. “Years ago, even before my time, there was a Pizza Inn right off of Main Street down from the high school, and basically the two things to do were to hang out at Pizza Inn or go out to the lake.”

The new location is in the strip mall complex on the corner of Main and Valley Parkway, right across from Lewisville High School.


  1. We had one open a couple years ago and it was horrible. And it is no longer there…. This one won’t be any different

  2. I’m thankful for the new venture. I have fond memories of Pizza Inn growing up and I did enjoy the one on Roundgrove (although it had gone downhill before it closed). Best of luck to this one and I’ll be there to support it.

  3. I wish the new venture well. I have fond memories of Pizza Inn growing up, and I enjoyed the one on Roundgrove/3040 (although it did go downhill before it closed). Looking forward to supporting the new spot when it opens.

  4. Seems odd to open another pizza place in the same area. Fratelli just opened in that same shopping strip. Hopefully it’ll last. I also have fond memories of Pizza Inn growing up.

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