LHS student arrested for threatening to shoot another student on campus


Update: Lewisville Police Capt. Kendall Lynn said last night that, to his knowledge, the student did not have access to a firearm.

UPDATE: Lewisville High School principal Jeffrey Kajs sent an email to LHS parents informing them that the campus was not impacted at all by the situation and all other students went about their business as usual. He said he was grateful for LPD’s handling of the situation.

LISD spokesperson Amanda Brim said the police department’s investigation was ongoing.

Original story- A Lewisville High School senior has been arrested for harassment after allegedly threatening to bring a gun to campus today to kill one student and possibly others.

The student, 17, was arrested today after two interviews with the Lewisville Police Department. Lewisville ISD administrators called the police around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday evening March 7 after receiving the alleged threat that he was going to bring a gun to school. The police interviewed him and the alleged victim that evening.

Today, the student was immediately put into in-school-suspension. Officers interviewed him a second time during the school day, after which they procured a warrant for his arrest.

The student was charged with harassment and is being booked at Lewisville Municipal Jail. In Texas, 17-year-olds are treated as adults in criminal cases.

Harassment is a Class B misdemeanor that carries a fine not to exceed $2,000, confinement not to exceed 180 days, or both.

The Lewisville Texan Journal will update this story with more information as it becomes available.


  1. This is the victim in the incident posting this comment from a random email and a fake name, using a VPN.
    There are a few details that aren’t quite right.
    First, he did not say he was going to shoot me specifically. He said kill. There is a difference.
    Second, he didn’t specifically target me either, but he said I would be included in those he would kill.
    This is a student that needs help, and I ask you to please stop digging for information. I don’t want his name public, and I don’t want mine public either. The situation has been handled.

  2. This is the student who was threatened. I’m using a fake name, email, and I am on a VPN because I would like to remain anonymous.
    The student who threatened me did not specifically say he would shoot me. He said he would kill me. It does make a difference.
    Secondly, he didn’t specifically say he would kill me, and maybe others.
    What he said was that he wanted to kill people, including me
    Now that you have all the information you need, I ask that you stop digging further. The kid needs help, and he will get the help he needs, but he doesn’t need everyone across the country to know his name. Although I fear that it may be too late for that.

    • Readers please note that LTJ cannot verify any of this at this time.

      We made the decision earlier today that we would not release a name until we had better information.

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