Lewisville hit with two bomb threats, likely part of nationwide hoax


As dozens of bomb threats sweep the nation, one Castle Hills business and one Lewisville apartment complex received ransom notes via email today, each around 1:45 p.m.

LPD Capt. Dan Rochelle said police and fire departments have cleared both areas, and due to the sheer volume of such threats being sent out today nationwide, it is likely these were part of the hoax.

Since early this morning, emailed and phoned-in bomb threats have been circulating around the nation. The email request, screenshots of which have been released by some victimized businesses, appears to be a form letter requesting the business owner to transfer a ransom to a bitcoin address.

Rochelle could not confirm with certainty that the Lewisville threats are connected to others nationwide, but it appears extremely likely. He did confirm that the two Lewisville businesses were threatened via email, and that email did request a payout via bitcoin. Lewisville Fire Department chief investigator Mark Richards is investigating both incidents.

The FBI is investigating nationally. As of 2:20 p.m., several police departments across the nation were reporting the same thing — that none of the threats had any substance behind them.