Lewisville community donates bottled water to Creekside residents

Terry Hayes and his group pass out water to residents outside the Creekside Mobile Home Park in southern Lewisville. (Photo by Leopold Knopp)

After a water main break July 31 left the Creekside Mobile Home Park without clean water for days, the Lewisville community has stepped up to make sure residents have something to drink. A week later, help continues to flow to residents.

The Creekside Mobile Home Park operates its own private water supply, which is not connected to that of the City of Lewisville. The morning after the park lost water, Aug. 1, management requested the city’s help to get water to the residents. The city contacted the Salvation Army, which passed out cases of bottled water to residents.

Documents obtained by The Lewisville Texan Journal show numerous repeated Texas Commission on Environmental Quality violations by the Creekside system over the past five years. Though the park’s public notice sign has read the community water has been safe to drink since Monday Aug. 6, many residents simply don’t trust the water anymore. Several residents have said they stopped drinking the water, one as long as 15 years ago, and keep bottled water on-hand instead.

For Lewisville community members Dealynn Richard and Terry Hayes, one day wasn’t enough. With the help of donations from the community, Richard said she brought 130 cases the next day.

“Me and my group went through the park, and we started handing out water to any and everybody we see,” Richards said. “If I see a ramp, I knew it was a senior, I left water, and I went from there.” She said Hayes contacted her from there.

Richard said she passed out 100 more cases the Monday after that. Richard had 75 cases leftover, and Aug. 8, she and Hayes came back with even more.

Hayes, Richard and their team passed out water all afternoon Wednesday in the driveway in front of the park’s entrance without incident. There was significant concern that park management would be displeased, which was based on information that residents had routinely been retaliated against with fines for speaking up about the water problems.

“Residents are being threatened if they go to the media, if they speak out,” Richard sayd. “If anyone says anything, what they do is they go around and they start fining.”

Richard said she and Hayes were organizing community members to meet off the premises so they can speak freely. She said park residents who want to be involved, or Lewisville community members who want to donate toward water for park residents, can contact Richard at 214-418-8719, her daughter Rochelle Richard at 214-477-2425 or find Hayes on Facebook.


  1. I used to live there a few years ago. The water pumps at creekside go out at least every 3 or 4 months. You get zero water pressure till their company comes out and resets the pump. I think in 3 years of living there we lost water pressure 6 times. Every time you lose pressure you have to boil your water till the pressure comes back up.
    The city needs to really go to that location with their code enforcement inspectors and have a look see.

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