Ferguson wins third full City Council term

Ferguson is quickly recognizable around town for his everpresent cowboy hats, some of which he’s owned since the ‘70s. He said he picked it up from his father, who did a Western show at the State Fair every Christmas when he was growing up. (Photo by Leopold Knopp)

Incumbent City Council member Neil Ferguson declared victory late last night in his runoff election against former councilmember Ronni Cade. Neither of them had secured the necessary 50 percent majority for a victory on election day May 5.

“Thank you to every voter who supported me, and added thanks to all who brought additional voters to the polls to vote,” Ferguson wrote on his campaign Facebook page. “You proved that common sense and real results are the important factors in local government.”

The runoff was much closer than the election day results between the two candidates. In May, Ferguson almost made it to 50 percent, earning 47.63 percent of the vote against Cade’s 32.96 percent, with the rest going to third candidate Mary Smith. Ferguson was 338 votes ahead of Cade.

The runoff, however, was much closer, decided by just 46 votes, and the breakdown tells a story of it getting closer as things went on. Ferguson won the absentee votes handily with 56.4 percent, but only earned 50.32 percent of early votes and actually earned 11 fewer votes than Cade on election day itself.

This may have been spurred by a salacious campaign postcard smearing Ferguson on a partisan basis and misrepresenting his views that was received by voters in the mail just before election day and made waves online. Cade said the postcard was from a group based in Carrollton and not related to her campaign. Lewisville City Council seats and elections are non-partisan.  

Cade, who served on City Council in the mid-90s and said she was running to get back to community involvement after raising her children, thanked her supporters and declared that she would run again.

“I am overwhelmed by all of the calls, messages, emails and texts of support,” she posted on her personal Facebook page. “This was a great race/campaign. For a three term incumbent to only win by 46 votes is huge.”

Results will become final on Friday, which is the official deadline for any straggling mail-in votes to come in. Canvassing will take place 7:30 a.m. June 27 at City Hall. The canvassing will be followed by a special council meeting, at which the winner will be sworn in. The next City Council meeting is scheduled for July 2.


  1. Maybe the vote was closer because Cade spent time during early voting to engage with voting citizens near the polling place, unlike her opponent?

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