Elke's Beer Haus on Main Street, one of the longest-standing establishments in Old Town, will close next week. (Photo by Leopold Knopp.)

For 12 years, Elke’s Beer Haus, or The Old Town Flying Pig as it was originally known, was one of few places to eat, get a drink or catch a live show after 2 p.m. in Old Town Lewisville. But come next week, it will be closing its doors.

Elke Macy, who has owned the place since 2002 with her husband, Scottie, is retiring to spend more time with her grandchildren. The pair has sold the restaurant to developers Randy and Rhonda Owens,  who own several other pieces of Old Town property. Lewisville economic development and planning department head Nika Reinecke said she wants to see another restaurant take Elke’s place.

The sale of one of Old Town’s longest-standing restaurants comes on the heels of Twisted Root Burger Co., Cavalli Pizza and Prohibition Chicken opening just west of City Hall, converting a plot of land that Reinecke said the city had been trying to bring restaurants to for years and more than doubling the number of restaurants in the downtown area open into the evening. Reinecke said the eventual goal for the downtown area is to have strips of eateries and retail that stretch all the way from the MCL Grand Theater to the Old Town A-Train station. She said they want it to eventually look like downtown Grapevine.

“We want to have a lot more restaurants, a lot more retail, a lot more reasons for people to come down to hang out,” Reinecke said. “We always get concerned when a long-term restaurant operator wants to sell, but we see it as a great opportunity.”

Reinecke said the Owens family has already made a massive investment in Old Town, owning the Perc Coffeehouse and the Main Street Mercantile, as well as a handful of other spaces. They own the building under construction on Elm Street, which Reinecke said will become the new home for the Mercantile and, hopefully, another restaurant will move into the Mercantile’s current location.

After operating the restaurant that bears her name every day for 12 years, Macy was counting the days until her retirement. She said she’d missed out on her grandchildren, sleep and “life itself” to keep the bar running, but also said she’d miss the customers and community her establishment had been incorporated into.

“We have weddings, a birthday, whatever party, it’s been in here,” she said. “Everybody who walks in here is family.”

Elke’s will host a going away party at 6 p.m. Dec. 15. The bar will remain open for the following weekend, and shut its doors next week.


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