Council renames disc golf course, casts DCAD votes


The Lewisville City Council renamed the Lake Park disc golf course after the man who brought disc golf to Lewisville and cast its votes for the Denton Central Appraisal District board in its Monday night regular session.

In a motion unanimously recommended by the parks and recreation advisory board, the council renamed the Lake Park disc golf course the Tom “Old Man” McCutcheon Disc Golf Course. McCutcheon is credited with bringing disc golf to Lewisville when he proposed and helped fund the city’s first course in Leonard L. Woods Park, and he helped design the course in Lake Park that will now bear his name.

“Disc golf wouldn’t be in Lewisville today if it wasn’t for Tom McCutcheon, and it wouldn’t be as popular. Tom spent endless hours out there,” former parks department director Bob Monaghan said. Monaghan said that he was approached about renaming the park immediately after McCutcheon’s death five years ago, and only took this long on account of the customary waiting period. “You go out there and ask anybody and if they hadn’t met Tom ‘Old Man’ McCutcheon, they certainly know who he is.”

The council then threw all of its 109 votes for the Denton Central Appraisal District behind The Colony city councilmember David Terre. Terre is currently the secretary for the district’s board of directors. Lewisville Mayor Rudy Durham, who has worked for the appraisal district since 1986 and currently serves as chief appraiser, left the room for the decision.

Afterward, community relations and tourism director James Kunke broke down the numbers of the weekend’s Christmas parade. Kunke said the rotary club sold more than 1,000 tickets for their pancake breakfast, the motorcycle toy run drew about 350 bikes and the parade consisted of 48 entries, which Kunke said is down from previous years. He said that may be due to weather affecting previous parades.


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