Now that the big feast is over, there seems to be a plethora of leftover meat. After the third or fourth plate of what you ate Thanksgiving day, it may get a bit tired.
A few dishes to consider throwing your turkey or ham in to revitalize it include:

  • fried rice
  • quesadillas
  • salad
  • macaroni and cheese
  • spaghetti
  • sandwiches

Another option is to whip up a cheesy Brussels sprouts concoction that will change how you feel about the vegetable.

This dish takes only a few ingredients, requires 12 minutes of your time altogether and serves two.

2 cups leftover meat
10 Brussels sprouts, halved
1 tablespoon oil
4 ounces cheddar & colby cheese cubes

Heat skillet over medium-high heat. Add tablespoon of oil. Test oil with one brussel sprout half. Once sizzling, add the rest of the sprouts.

Sear until brown. Flip brussel sprouts. Transfer to bowl after a total of about four minutes.

Warm leftover meat in the pan for about two to three minutes. If using an iron skillet, remove from heat and add brussel sprouts and cheese chunks to the pan. If not, put everything in a baking dish.

Set oven to broil. Place dish with mixture under the broiler. Pull out after a couple of minutes when cheese is melted. Keep eye on mixture, as broiler may burn the food. Enjoy!