May 6 local election results

May 6, 2017

In the LISD Board of Trustees election, LTJ will call both seats based on early voting: Kristi Hassett wins place 6 with 68.96% of the early vote. That is going to be just about mathematically impossible to overcome. Tracy Scott Miller has won his race with 57.01% of the early vote. In both of these races, candidates only had to get the most votes, not a majority.

The Lewisville ISD Bond Proposition has likely passed with 63.92% of the early vote. We hesitate to call this for a win just yet, due to activity by PACs in the past few days, but it seems like a high bar to overcome.

In Lewisville, TJ Gilmore has 63.69% of the early vote and is the likely winner. In place 1, Bob Troyer has a plurality with 42.47% of the early vote to Carolyn Wright’s 29.73%. Runoff seems likely.

We suspect the LISD election ended up with about 1/3 the voters on election day as in early voting, based on numbers in Lewisville and Flower Mound. This would put the final vote count somewhere in the 14,000 range, meaning that the winner will need about 7,000. The FOR vote has 6,814 right now, and the AGAINST vote would have to pick up 3,153 votes, or about 95% of today’s vote. Thus, we think it’s mathematically a near certainty that the FOR vote has won. We’re calling it. LISD has itself a $738 million bond package.

By our calculations based on our estimated election day turnout, Elena Claros would have had to get about 655 of the 800 total votes on election day to overcome TJ Gilmore’s early voting lead.

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Something not right with Wright’s nonprofit

May 13, 2017

Carolyn Wright touts her nonprofit experience in her campaign for Lewisville City Council, but public records show the name under which she operates her organization actually belongs to a for–profit Texas corporation that has had its charter suspended.

The nonprofit she does own was formed for a different purpose on the same day as the for-profit, and has not filed a required IRS form 990 since the 2014 tax year. It appears she has also violated IRS regulations by using the nonprofit’s voice to promote her candidacy.

Carolyn Wright is in a runoff election for the city council. With five candidates in the race for Place 1, Wright and Bob Troyer got the most votes and will face each other at the polls again on June 10.

Wright listed herself as the CEO of a nonprofit in her campaign filing. In earlier interviews and in campaign literature, Wright said she is the founder and CEO of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and non-governmental organization A-WOW, Inc.

At the request of readers who contacted The Lewisville Texan Journal to inquire about the charity, we took a closer look at the organization to try to understand it. We also reached out to Carolyn Wright by phone, text and email for answers about the organization.

According to one of the organization’s three current websites,, its mission involves cultural exchange and leadership development for girls ages 16 to 24. The organization’s website refers to its corporate name as A–WOW, Inc., and says that it is a 501(c)(3) and registered NGO. Other websites for the organization are and

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Charter, constitutional amendments easily pass

Nov. 8, 2017

Last night, seven amendments to Texas’ state constitution and two amendments to Lewisville’s city charter passed in landslide votes.

No amendment received less than 60 percent approval among voting Texans, and both of Lewisville’s charter propositions passed with 80 and 78 percent of the vote, respectively.

According to the Secretary of State Office’s vote count, between 5.5 and 5.75 percent of Texas’ 15 million voters participated, and locally, only 1,563 ballots were cast in Lewisville according to city data, despite the city’s population of more than 100,000.

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