After taking almost a year to fight off cancer, former city council member Ronni Cade is running once again for a seat on the dais.

Cade served on Lewisville City Council from 1994 to 1998. She gave up her seat to run for the open Justice of the Peace seat, thinking she would be better placed to help habitual youth offenders get and succeed with a second chance. She lost out to high school friend Becky Kerbow, who has held the seat ever since and is herself retiring from the position. Cade said she always regretted stepping down from council, but had two children in middle and elementary school, respectively, and decided to devote herself to her family.

“I actually found a note from my daughter that she had thrown away,” she said. “It said ‘Mommy is so busy helping everybody else.’ That’s a priority slap in the face.”

The daughter, her youngest, was in fifth grade then, but is now 30 with a child of her own. Cade had started a construction estimating business while putting her children through high school and college, and remained involved in a number of committees behind the scenes. She served on the planning committees for both Lewisville 2010 and 2025 and still sits on the Denton Health Advisory Board, the Denton County Confederate Memorial Advisory Committee and on the board for the tax-increment reinvestment zone around Hebron Station.

But in September 2016, her priorities were shifted again — this time by a breast cancer diagnosis. She quickly had surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiation treatment and was eventually declared cancer-free in June 2017. After that, she said it was time to get back to city hall.

“It’s like I’ve got a second chance at life now, and I need to get to work on my bucket list,” she said. “Since I’ve always wanted to run again, here I am.”

Cade said her priorities in governance lean toward dealing proactively with potential problems arising from Lewisville’s rapid expansion since she left the council. She wants to pay special attention to staying on top of infrastructure. She said her passion for Lewisville has only expanded in the past 20 years.

“I have lived in Lewisville since January of my third grade year, but my husband’s family goes back for generations,” she said. “Our roots are deep here. My children’s roots are deep. My grandchildren’s roots are deep. Lewisville isn’t a place to live. It’s our home.”

Cade has been endorsed by Precinct 3 commissioner Bobbie Mitchell. The two have known each other since 1992, and Mitchell was mayor when Cade served on City Council. Current mayor Rudy Durham also served on those councils.

Mitchell praised Cade’s take-charge attitude and willingness to do whatever was necessary.

“We go a long way back and that’s the reason I supported her,” Mitchell said. “I’ve served with her before, and I know her work ethic, and I know what she’ll do.”

Cade is running for seat 2 against current council member Neil Ferguson. She said that’s only because it’s the only seat available this cycle, and both she and Mitchell said that Ferguson has been doing a great job and would continue to do a great job if re-elected.


  1. Ronnie Cade is an intelligent lady with solid values and strong ideas to better her surroundings. I am also blessed to call her and her family my friends. Her dedication to Lewisville has been well-documented. I wholeheartedly support her. I know she will represent her city well.

  2. I will be voting for Councilman Ferguson this time around because I have seen his passion for the city and he deserves to keep his position. That having been said, I could see myself voting for Ronnie Cade if she were to run for a different place on the council.

  3. If she were running for any other seat I’d vote for her but she’s running for this seat. So I’m not.

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