Lewisville lady reaches 99th birthday


The undaunted enthusiasm Dorothy Aston has for life has left her poised to celebrate a milestone birthday— she will celebrate her 99th. She resides at Lake Village Nursing & Rehabilitation Center at 169 Lake Park Road in Lewisville.

Dorothy Aston came into this world July 10, 1917, in her grandparents’ farmhouse near Cameron, Texas. Dorothy was the youngest of three siblings; her older brother was Robert, and her older sister, Ruth. Sadly, Dorothy’s mother, Ola Fasel Addison, succumbed to flu when Dorothy was just three months old. Her grandparents took care of her and her siblings until her father, Will Addison, married a mail order bride.

In 1938, Dorothy fell in love with and married Everett Aston. Everett was born in 1903 in Oklahoma’s Indian Territory and was two years old when the Oklahoma Land Rush occurred. Together, they raised their daughter Dot and their son Donald. After her children were grown,

Dorothy worked until retirement as a store manager/buyer for the children’s department of the Perkins-Timberlake Department Store in Wichita Falls.

She enjoyed participating in bowling leagues with Everett, a passion she continued after her husband passed away in 1993. Since Everett didn’t like traveling, Dorothy attended bowling tournaments throughout the country after he died.

Dorothy’s love of travel was renowned amongst her friends who dubbed her “Go Go Girl.” She urged them to accompany her on various journeys, including ones to the Rocky Mountains, England, Thailand, and Hawaii. According to daughter Dot, Dorothy’s best friend had a nephew in the military who would host them on far-flung journeys, thereby saving the travelers money.When asked what the secret to longevity was, Dorothy replied, “The secret to living so long is being active and having an active family.” And Dorothy follows her own advice. She revels in Lake Village’s exercise sessions, adores going out for Mexican food accompanied by virgin margaritas, likes viewing “The Price is Right,” enjoys nature, and has fun during birthday parties and on holidays. Family members, including daughter Dot and grandchildren, visit her frequently. Dorothy looks forward to her birthday celebration Lake Village will present July 29th.