1. There seems to be ingrained attitude with some Texans of trashiness. I was once on Bolivar Peninsular across from Galveston on July 5th. In any direction for as far as you could see was an unbelievable site of garbage! Baby diapers, beer bottles and cans, broken beach chairs, food and wrappers, broken Styrofoam ice chests were every place you looked for miles along the beach. Even though there were trash barrels spaced along the beach that should have been convenient for anyone to use, some were actually empty while garbage lay all around. I guess the slobs figured that the next high tide would take care of their civic responsibilities for them. I found it to be a pervasive attitude in the area, that throwing something down on the beach or along the roadways was no big deal. It is heartening that some have decided to do something about this awful problem.

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