Music City Mall to unveil ten commandments monument Friday

Proof rendering of the monument slated for installation at Music City Mall Vista Ridge. (Photo provided by Music City Mall)

Music City Mall has announced that it will unveil its new ten commandments monument Friday afternoon at 3 p.m.

The Ten Commandments monument weighs over 5,900 pounds and measures in at 8-feet-tall and 5-feet-wide. It will be featured in the lower level of the mall. A second stone tablet weighing in at nearly 1800 pounds and which highlights two commandments will be displayed on an upper level entrance of the mall.

“We’re not trying to make a statement, we just believe in the Lord’s love,” said Investment Corporation of America CEO John Bushman. “I along with our team members just think that more “love” is needed in the world by ALL from the time we are born to the time that we leave this earth. We think the Ten Commandments is the foundation for love and what we should all aspire to live by.”

The public is invited to attend the unveiling. The commandments will then be on display year-round.

“We just think that most people want their kids to know the ten commandments and abide by them,” Bushman said.